Product Information

Convertible Sling

Black Rifle, Tactical, American Made, rifle sling, AR15, AR-15

Based on input from end users and our own experiences we developed our two point to one point rifle sling. The CS converts easily from a two-point to single-point configuration without having to give up control of your weapon. Available in Black, Tan, and MultiCam. Also available with a variety of mounting solutions. 

MK82 Individual Trauma Kit

tactical trauma kit MultiCam IFAK

Our MK82 was designed to be worn in the small of the back, but will fit almost anywhere. It is easily deployed with either hand or by a buddy by pulling down on the insert, which holds the medical supplies, leaving the pouch mounted. Contents not included, but are available for purchase.

Minimalist Wallet


Our lightweight and compact wallet will hold 25/50 business cards, 10-12 credit/debit cards, ID and cash.  Available in Black, Tan, and MulitCam. Custom colors available upon request.

Ear Pro Wrap


Our EPW is designed to fit most popular muff style electronic hearing protection on the market. It is a great way to add a little personalization to your ear pro without having to deface it. Available in Black, Tan, and MultiCam.

Shrapnel Pouch


The Shrapnel Pouch is designed to give you the ability to organize your EDC a little better. Ideally sized to fit almost anywhere and hold just the right amount of stuff.

Key Fob

tactical key fob Multicam American made veteran owned

A simple key fob with hook and loop closure that is PALS compatible. 

***All colors come with black snap hook***

Emergency Management Rack

chest rig, tactical, operator, American made

Small easily configurable chest rig. Includes H-harness, buckles and waist strap. US made, Berry Amendment Compliant.

Demo Pouch

tactical, American Made, dangler pouch

A small dangler style pouch that easily integrates into your new EMR or any existing system that you already have. These are US made and Berry Compliant.

DLS (Don't Lose Sh*t)

Tactical, American made, organizer

A 2x2 Hook & Loop panel with a snap hook that allows you to add that ability to hang your keys, gloves, etc almost anywhere.
***All colors have black snap hook.***